1st time home Buyer in Poquoson-

Kathleen and I hit it off right away! I could not help but realize how honest and realistic she was. She kept insisting, if you do not love it I’m not going to let you settle. Kathleen was in constant contact with me and let me know when she found prospects; She gave me hope that we would find exactly what I was looking for and it would be in Poquoson! We looked at numerous houses and it seemed as if she was the actual buyer. She has a background in construction and it showed! She looked at things that I wouldn’t have known to look at and/or check and she did thorough job! She noticed roof damage, mold issues within two minutes of walking into a house. What’s scary is some people would overlook those issues just to make a sale- NOT KATHLEEN MCKONE! Kathleen found my dream home, in Poquoson and in my price range! She found the home before it even hit the market!!!!!!!! She is trustworthy and cares about her clients. She finds great joy in finding the right home for you and your family compared to others who just want to make a sale